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MARCH 27, 2019 UPDATE:

There will be two public-outreach meetings, organized by City of Miami, led by Wareen Adams of the Preservation Department. He will discuss next steps as well as answer questions about impacts of Historical Designation and other options such as a Neighborhood Conservation District. Formal fliers for the meeting will be digitally distributed and posted closer to the meeting dates. 

Meeting Location: 
Park Building 

Meeting dates and times:
April 11th @ 6:30 PM
May 11th @ 10:00 AM


As was previously shared, on February 5, the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board voted in favor of having City staff prepare a preliminary designation report on Morningside's South Side. This means members of the City's preservation staff will be visiting the South Side documenting information on the homes that will all become a part of their independent report that will be shared and presented to the HEP Board at an upcoming board meeting. There was no deadline given to the City staff by the Board, but I have been told by staff that the report will not be completed until after April. When the report is put on the HEP Board's agenda the City is required, by law, to send certified mail ten (10) days prior to the meeting date to all home owners that will be impacted by Historic Designation. Once this notice is sent no new building permit for any new construction, alteration, relocation, or demolitions will be allowed. I have included the relevant code snippets regarding this building moratorium below in RED for reference. 

While the City prepares their report, they have been directed by City Council to engage in more public outreach within Morningside to ensure all residents are fully aware of what Historic Designation entails as well as what other options owners have such as creating a Neighborhood Conservation District or requesting the Board leave the South Side as it is today (if you should have questions about any of these options I am happy to help answer them or put you in touch with the City's preservation team). I will make sure to announce any public meetings the City arranges. I will be closely following this issue, as I continue to chair the Neighborhood Conservation District Committee for the MCA Board, and will provide any and all relevant updates as I receive them. 

The following is from Chapter 23:

a. Notification. At least ten days prior to the meeting at which the board will consider the preliminary evaluation, the owner of property or his designated agent or attorney, on file with the city, which is the subject of said proposal for designation shall be notified by certified mail of the board's intent to consider the preliminary evaluation of the property. Should the applicant be a person other than the property owner or designated agent or attorney on file with the city, the applicant shall be notified and the owner of record of the subject property shall be notified. For historic districts or multiple property designations where there are more than 50 properties to be considered, for designation, the owners shall be notified by first class mail and by the published notice.
The notice sent by certified mail of the board's intent to consider the preliminary evaluation of the property, when sent to the property owners of involuntarily designated residentially zoned properties in a T3-O designated transect zone that are not the applicants, will state the right to appeal the board's final decision regarding designation to the city commission, and will include in the notification a statement of the fee waiver provision contained in subsection (c)(7) herein.

b. Interim protection measures. From the date said notice of the preliminary evaluation is mailed, no building permit for any new construction, alteration, relocation, or demolition that may affect the property proposed for designation shall be issued until one of the following occurs: 1. The board finds that the property does not appear to meet the criteria for designation and votes not to direct the planning department to prepare a designation report in accordance with subsection (b)(1); 2. The board approves or denies the designation in accordance with subsection (b)(3), or 120 days have elapsed, whichever shall occur first, unless this time limit is waived on the record by mutual consent of the owner and the board; or 3. The owner applies for an accelerated certificate of appropriateness prior to final action on the designation by the board, and such certificate of appropriateness has been issued in accordance with the provisions of section 23-6.2. The preservation office shall place said application for a certificate of appropriateness on the next available agenda of the board. Any owner who carries out or causes to be carried out any work without the required certificate of appropriateness shall be subject to the provisions of subsection 23-6.2(f).  

South Side Designation Meeting 1 Minutes.pdf

Draft Designation Report for the expansion of the Morningside Historic District.pdf

In 2018, this Committee created and completed a survey that was sent to and completed by residents of the Morningside neighborhood.  The results of that survey are here:  Survey Results.pdf

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